Inspired by feminine strength, Gina's bold personality, and the idea that a woman can be the love of her own life. Gina The Brand exists to empower women to feel as beautiful and daring as the jewels she wears. Made with 14k gold, sterling silver, and gold vermeil, because the only thing that should be tarnishing is society's stereotypical gender roles.


Gina Mellish, 22, is GTB's President, Founder and Creative Director. As the current Miss New Jersey USA, Gina led with courage and compassion as she shared her story with relationship abuse, educated and empowered young women to recognize the unhealthy relationship signs, and encouraged more female civic engagement throughout her reign.
As a 2020 graduate from Marist College in Poughkeepsie, New York, Gina earned a Bachelors of Science in Fashion Merchandising with a concentration in promotion. She interned for numerous renowned fashion houses where she gained valuable experience including Giorgio Armani, Jovani Fashions and Cara Benevenia, but she never pictured starting her own brand until after Miss USA.
After placing Top 10 at Miss USA in 2020 as Miss New Jersey USA, Gina wanted to continue her passion of inspiring female strength and to marry it with her knowledge and experience in the fashion industry. With that being said, Gina The Brand was born the day she returned home from Miss USA after drafting her brand name on an airplane cocktail napkin. Gina hopes through a little sparkle and sass she can continue to influence women to take up space in society and look just as powerful on the outside as they feel on the inside.


Kylie Lamb is a senior graphic design major at The College of New Jersey, freelance designer, and the mastermind behind turning Gina's visions of the brand into a lively aesthetic. 
When designing the Gina The Brand logo, Gina envisioned an aesthetic that felt luxurious and sexy yet accessible and youthful. Most importantly, the brand identity needed to embody feminine strength through its bold look and playful colors. We think Kylie depicted Gina's vision perfectly and continues to do so to this day. She even hand drew the iconic 'g' in the logo to emulate Gina's signature! Since the logo design, Kylie has also created GTB's business cards, order cards and more!
To see more of Kylie's work visit her design portfolio here.
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